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Victim Empowerment Programme

This programme has five focus areas:

  1. Victim Empowerment Centres: We currently have three Victim Empowerment Centres for victims of violence and abuse in Dube, Hammanskraal and Temba. The programme runs in partnership with Social Development, Community Safety and the South African Police Service.

  2. Workshops: We offer workshops on Domestic and Gender Violence and Abuse in communities.

  3. Life-Skills Information Sessions: These sessions are offered in schools to make children aware of social problems around them, such as child abuse and domestic violence.

  4. Awareness Campaigns: The campaigns take place in order to raise awareness against Domestic Violence, Gender-based Violence and Child Abuse.

  5. Care Packs: We provide a basic care pack for sanitation purposes to victims of abuse when they visit the Victim Empowerment Centres for help. 

    Target Group:

    We focus on victims of crime mainly in the field of domestic violence, child abuse, rape, rights of victims and other relevant social problems.   The beneficiaries are mainly women and children, although men are also victims of crime. 

    The awareness campaigns focus on the broader community including all types of people - all races, all age groups, all sexes.


    Target areas:

    The areas are according to the working areas of the SAP and include:

     Hammanskraal (in Gauteng Province)

     Temba (in Gauteng and North West Province as far as Moretele District)

     Dube, Winterveldt (in Gauteng and North West Province)


    Outputs for 1 April 2015 to 31 March 2016:

     1 500 Victims will receive counselling on a one-to-one basis at the Centres at the police stations.

     30 Domestic Violence/Gender Based Violence workshop will be presented to 1200 persons

     280 awareness campaigns/info-giving sessions will be held – 15 000 people are targeted

     25 000 persons will be reached through distribution of pamphlets, pens, posters, info booklets, etc.

     300 victims will be received care packs (toiletries, under wear)

     Victims will have access to supportive services at 3 SAP Stations run by Imisebeyelanga

     Supportive groups will be run for victims of violence


    Indicators of success:

     Numbers receiving services

     Feedback from schools/clinics, community members, leaders and other.

     Demand for workshops, info talks

      Number of pens, pamphlets and other material distributed

     Good relationship with the SAP Stations


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