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For the Love of Music

This programme gives people an opportunity to live out their love for choral music.

This programme already has three choirs:

  1. The Caregivers Choir (adult persons)

  2. House of Love (young, working adults)

  3. Rainbow Sweet Voices (youth)

We recently have completed the recording of our first CD.

At Imisebeyelanga Services we believe that the Arts has an important role to play in knitting the social fabric that enables the success of other economic and educational initiatives. Music, and the love for music, speaks any language and overcomes any bridges and barriers.


We endeavour to create a safe and motivating space for talented persons to network, practise and live out their talent without being labelled or criticised. This is a major factor within the Organisation.


This Programme also serves to build life-altering bridges to eliminate the cultural borders of social standing, race, age and religion.

Choir performances also serve to introduce and educate audiences to all the cultures that bind together the great Nation of South Africa.


The Lerato la Mmino Programme serves as a support group where people have an outlet to discuss and get perspective on challenges and issues they are facing on a daily basis.

Networking is encouraged between members of all choirs.


Repertoires of the choirs consist mainly of African Choral music, and include music from most cultures in South Africa to enlarge the audience and performance platform where talent is showcased.


As all members of Lerato la Mmino are from marginalised communities, the Programme assists in a small way towards financial assistance in as much as members receiving a minimal fee for attending practices and performances. Especially in young people, unemployed persons and older persons.


Through the networking established in this Programme, people have already found work, been supported by one another with food and clothing when in need and been added to life skills programmes to improve living conditions.


Society as we know it today, rejects those who do not fit into their model of the world or challenge what is perceived as “normal”.

At Imisebeyelanga Services as a whole and through our Programmes we foster and live “Unconditional Acceptance”.

Everyone is welcome and is accepted as part of Lerato la Mmino.

Our choirs include the young, the unemployed, the unwanted, the rejected, the ordinary and the extra-ordinary. Collectively, we make our Programme work.



 To develop the vocal talents of youth and adults through active participation in practices and performances;

 To promote the interests of music by offering singers and vocalists the opportunity to showcase their talent before various live audiences;

 To educate choir members on different cultures by extending repertoires to include music of all cultures of South Africa;

 To provide opportunities for the enjoyment of music by both performers and audiences.



This Programme houses three Choral Choirs:

 Rainbow Sweet Voices who are a group of school learners (Grade 10 – 12)

 House of Love who are young working adults (18 – 26)

 Caregivers Choir who are made up of older volunteers in various communities surrounding Pretoria-North

 Choirs practice twice per month in Pretoria-North

 Quarterly performances are arranged with public, private and government institutions

 The Programme also serves as a support group between all members


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